X-Ray testing is a highly effective non-destructive inspection method that enables us to detect internal defects in investment castings. This technique exposes the casting to radiation from an x-ray tube, and the part absorbs part of the radiation. The remaining radiation exposes the radiographic film, and any inclusion or defect will appear as a dark area on the film.

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At keming machinery, we use X-Ray testing to detect various defects including gas porosity, gas holes, micro-porosity/shrinkage porosity, shrinkage, cracks, dross, cold shuts, segregation, misruns, and diffraction mottling. Gas porosity manifests as soft, shady spots; gas holes appear as circular dark images, and shrinkage appears as dendrite or filamentary areas. Cracks show up as rugged or narrow dark lines, and dross appears as round or irregularly shaped dark images. Misruns appear as darkened spaces of variable dimensions, and diffraction mottling is spurious image caused by diffraction of radiation by the crystals of the metal.

We conduct X-Ray testing on all investment castings that require NDT testing to ensure that we meet our customers' exacting requirements. We also provide other inspection and testing services, including Magnetic Particle Inspection, hardness testing, dye penetrant Inspection, and leak testing, to guarantee that our customers receive high-quality investment castings.

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