Pump Parts

Pump Parts

Pumps are mechanical devices that are designed to move liquids, gases or slurries by creating a mechanical action. They are widely used in various industries such as water supply, sewage movement, refrigeration, air conditioning systems, gasoline supply, chemical movement, marine services, irrigation, and more. Pumps come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from small to large, high pressure to low pressure, and high volume to low volume. Hence, they are categorized into different types based on their usage, such as water pumps, vacuum pumps, trash pumps, hydraulic pumps, and sump pumps.

keming machinery is a leading producer of high-quality cast pump parts, including impeller castings, pump housings, pump mounting brackets, and cast pump bodies. We use different cast alloys like heat-resistant stainless steel, cast ductile iron, and gray iron, depending on your specific requirements. Our spectrometer ensures precise alloy compositions, regardless of the material used.

We use various casting processes for pump parts such as silical sol casting, which offers a smooth surface and tight tolerances that reduce machining jobs and ensure net-shaped castings. Sand casting is also used when dealing with iron material, it has the advantage of low cost and good inner quality. Aluminum die-casting is ideal for thin-walled pump parts like the mounting bracket as it achieves high strength and perfect quality after the process.

Our expertise in manufacturing pump parts guarantees long-lasting and reliable products with low maintenance costs. Every pump part is customized to meet your specifications and requirements. For inquiries about our pump part casting and pricing, kindly contact us