Agricultural wear parts

Agricultural wear parts

Agricultural wear parts are components that exhibit good wear resistance and are used in agricultural machinery. These components can be divided into two categories: tillage equipment and harvesting machinery equipment. There is high demand for these parts due to the significant global market for agricultural machinery. Numerous farm equipment manufacturers, such as Yoemans, Agroplow, Gessener, Keech, Excel, Agpoint, and Shearer, produce agricultural wear parts for their equipment.

To ensure durability, agricultural wear parts must be wear-resistant and designed with materials of good strength. In investment casting, lost-wax or lost-foam processes are used to produce almost every agricultural wear part, and the tooling cost for each batch is generally affordable due to the small quantity produced. To protect against heavy wear and tear, some agricultural wear parts can also be brazed with tungsten carbide, such as YG8 or YG11C.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of casted agricultural wear parts to OEM manufacturers of agricultural machinery equipment, keming machinery offers professional OEM services for all wear parts, including tungsten-tiled finished components that are ready to be sold or used without the need for additional finishing operations. We use any cast alloys our customers prefer and provide professional suggestions for achieving better working performance based on our rich experience in this field.

At keming machinery, we offer cost-efficient solutions for agricultural wear parts, enabling our customers to gain a competitive edge in the market. We ensure our customers' unique selling proposition by not supplying related products to their competitors. If you are in this field and wish to partner with us, please contact us via email or phone, and we will provide the best solutions and prices to meet your requirements.