Valve Parts

Valve Parts

keming machinery is a trusted manufacturer and supplier for valve manufacturers worldwide, providing all kinds of cast valve components for pipelines, transportation, and industrial production needs. The company has particular expertise in producing valve components for check valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, control valves, globe valves, plug valves, and other types of valves.

keming machinery produces various valve components such as cast valve bodies, discs, bonnets, flanges, and other valve component castings. Depending on the material specification and dimensions of the valve casting parts, keming machinery uses several casting methods to produce these components, including:

Lost Wax Casting: This precision casting method is suitable for cast steel valve components such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and other cast steel alloys. Lost wax casting produces valve components with smoother surfaces and achieves good dimensions and tolerances. Silical sol casting, another lost wax method, is widely used to produce stainless steel valve casting parts for butterfly valves, ball valves, and more.

Lost Foam Casting: This casting method is more appropriate for producing precision cast iron valve parts, which can achieve good surface finish and sizes, and require no machining or very little machining allowance.

Sand Casting: Suitable for both steel and iron valve castings, sand casting is more suitable for larger valve components, and more machining allowance is usually necessary for further machining operations. keming machinery's maximum casting weight for sand casting is approximately two tons per piece.

Materials used for valve casting parts include carbon steel, stainless steel, gray iron, and ductile iron. keming machinery has the machining equipment, including NC lathes, CNC machines, drilling machines, and boring machines, for various machining requirements. The company also has hydraulic testing capabilities to ensure that the valve castings are workable and free from defects.

The valve casting parts undergo magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing after casting to avoid casting defects, especially for large dimensions valve casting parts.

Cooperating with keming machinery comes with many benefits such as multiple casting methods, wide material selection, machining services, competitive prices, and more. Clients can also source not only valve castings but also forged valve parts from their forging company.

In conclusion, keming machinery is a reliable manufacturer and supplier for valve manufacturers worldwide, providing a vast range of cast valve components for various types of valves using different casting methods. The company also offers machining services, hydraulic testing, and magnetic particle testing and ultrasonic testing to ensure high-quality workable valve components.