Hardness Test

Hardness Test

Hardness is an essential characteristic of investment casting materials that determines their resistance to indentation. This physical property can be improved by heat treatment to enhance wear resistance according to the specifications of our customers.

Measuring the hardness value of an investment cast part involves determining the depth or area of the product using various test methods. To obtain accurate results, we perform hardness testing using modern automated testers on various areas of the same part.


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At keming machinery, we have the latest equipment to test the hardness of investment castings using three standard methods: Brinell, Rockwell, and Vickers. For Brinell testing, we use a spherical penetrating body to press into the surface of the castings. For Rockwell, a bullet- or cone-shaped penetrating body is used, and for Vickers, we use a diamond pyramidal body. The impression made on the surface of the product by the penetrating bodies enables us to determine the hardness values. The results are expressed in HB, HRC, or the surface area deflection using the Vickers formula.

We 100% test hardness in investment castings if requested by our customers, ensuring the manufacturing process meets their specifications. If you need hardness testing services of investment castings, don't hesitate to contact us for high-quality outcomes. We are committed to providing superior services to our clients.